About Us

Your standards, Elevated

Adult use non- Storefront: C9-0000354-LIC

Welcome to Elevated Delivery- Premium Cannabis Delivery of Orange County. We’re passionate cannabis advocates, working to create community and culture for the modern cannabis consumer. We are constantly striving for consistency, quality, and unparalleled service within our industry.

We’re not like your usual neighborhood delivery service. As a two women team, we believe in establishing and defining a place for women in cannabis. We’re here to provide upmost professionalism, quality, and safety for our customers while creating a safe space to discuss all things cannabis.

We believe in elevating your standards.

Your time is money, just like ours.

We understand the importance of connecting with each and every one of our customers- personalizing our interactions and fostering lasting relationships.

Our delivery times are dependent on location and time. We strive to provide all our clients with an accurate ETA and will continue to update on tracking orders after they’ve been placed. We aim to have your order to your door under an hour.

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